Shrek, the Clubman Estate.

i have recently purchased a Clubman Estate off Ebay, took a gamble as there was no V5 with it, hopfully DVLA should provide these without a problem, seller seemed to be quite genuine. Also the previous owner had atempted to convert from Auto to Manual but gave up, all the parts were there,except for adaptor plates as Auto subframe is wider than manual one.

engine is now in and running, with gear linkage and clutch cylinder in place. Body is solid, brakes look good (almost new), so hopfully not much to get it through an MOT.

tha main reason for getting a Clubby Estate was for having a mini that could easily transport my R/C Airplanes, plus i need a four seater mini for shipping the kids about

its gained the name Shrek as its green, and the wife doesnt like green cars and thinks it looks hideous.